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The Tube Mill



Area, industry Way of use Specific example
Automotive axles and frames of trucks, trolleybuses, machined semi products for automobile producers. Trucks Tatra, Liaz, trolleybuses Škoda, VW, DAF, BMW, Mercedes, Fiat, Hitachi
Machinery and Engineering rotary and fixed wheels (tackles) for transport machines and equipment, covers of stators, stators of electro motors, frames and buffers of the railway freight cars, printing shop rolls, frames and guide rollers of the high lift trucks, crane arms. Wicke Zlin, TATRAVAGONKA Poprad, PAPCEL Litovel, MEZ Nedvedice for project JULI, Terrex-Peiner
Building and Construction micro-piles, micro-braces and grouting, highways piling and bridge pylons, poles, undergrounds, tunnels, historical buildings reconstructions, highway and bridges, pipelines, railway corridors, steel constructions. mountain track in Buffalo USA, mountain track Eldorado in Madrid Spain,Central part of the Millennium Dome London UK, departure hall in Leipzig airport and departure hall in Koeln am Rhein airport, roof of the Berlin Olympic stadium, railway station building in Frankfurt am Mein, German stand EXPO 2000 in Hannover Germany, Metro Praha, Strahov tunnel, reconstruction of the Tyl’s theater in Prague, Franciscan Monastery in Brno, Monastery in Rajhrad, Pocerady, Zilina, pipeline from Caslav to Kralupy n.V., gas distribution of Czech and Slovak Republics, hall V in exhibition ground Brno, supermarkets MAKRO, VW Facility in Bratislava Slovakia, international airport Ruzyne and hypermarket Olympia Brno-Modřice, multipurpose hall SAZKA ARENA in Prague, university campus in Brno -Bohunice
Chemical industry petrol refinery Slovnaft Bratislava, refinery in v Turkmen-bash
Oil, Gas and Water exploitation and distribution, geology Underground gas storage, pressure oil stations, central oil storage stations Underground gas storage Dolni Bojanovice and Uhrice, central oil tanking station in Kralupy, supplies for TOTAL, TEXACO, ESSO, ELF, AGIP, ÖMV, SPC, ONGC
Power generation machinery slag-lines for the power and heating plants, piping and collectors for the power stations overhauls and construction Shen-Tou, Strongoli, Staro Beschevo, Kolubara, gas power plant Jebel Ali – supplies for Hyundai, Saudi Arabia, nuclear power plants in Dukovany, Temelin, Paks, Mochovce, Detmarovice, power plants and heating facilities Vojany, Vresova, Tusimice, Chvaletice, Energocenter Kladno, Skoenergo-Ml. Boleslav, Zlin